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4 golden rules for safe motorcycle driving

Understanding the “body” and “personality” of the vehicle

Each type of motor has a technical structure, operating characteristics and strengths and weaknesses in particular, requires the user to understand the vehicle and the maturity structure of the various operational skills.

By contrast, in large cylinder (Cruiser) bikes, you cannot make the shot of cornering as Sporty vehicle, the safest way in cornering for driver is to take a broader, the more urgent of the corners, the speed of the vehicle must be decreased (avoid steering when the motorbike is cornering at high speed, trying to keep the car balanced, do not shake the steering wheel). In additionally, you should equip the protective gears such as helmets, picking up the best helmet for cruiser motorcycle to ensure your safety the most.

The operator must know how to combine the throttle, the brake and on the rhythm. Large motorcycle and scooter usually have heavier weight, so the safest way is learned cornering to take advantage of the body balance to crabs.

With sports motorbikes such as Honda Wave, Future, Yamaha Exciter … due to lighter weight, aerodynamic design, traction tires that should be able to take 45-60 degree cornering (but you also need to remember that the safest speed when cornering in this vehicle is from 40-60 km / h).

Overall score in safety driving operation of all types of motorcycles is to know a combination of front brake and rear brake in each situation, road conditions… When braking, you should combine simultaneously both front brake and rear brake, absolutely not squeeze hard braking.

Fix the blinding points on the mirror

According to experts, to keep safety in driving, motorcycle mirror also has the “blind” point like cars to have the position where the driver cannot see the rear vehicles or those which are next to the motorcycle through the mirror. Therefore, in those situations that do not guarantee safety, the driver should turn your head through visual observation to identify the vehicle in sight. Note, you only turn rather quickly over your shoulder, but not rotation your entire bod or shoulders, as if filming or both shoulders, the steering wheel will rotate in and the vehicle will change direction, easy to lose your balance and cause danger.

Always alert to get good observation

Sober and focused observation is the most important factor for safety driving. When good observation must focus on the broader view showing the front, avoiding glancing side to side, but you should keep a fixed gaze at a location more than 2 seconds. For example, the situation arises for motorcyclists turning left to a 2-way corner of the road, the driver will have to focus at the same time observing at least 10 points (from left to right): Pedestrian crossing street, the opposite cars, the driver in front of and at the behind of your vehicle in the same direction, left-side cars inform to turn right, pet or children walking on sidewalks, traffic signal lights, traffic signs, images on 2 left and right mirrors…

When driving at night, drivers should pay more concentration due to the limited visibility. Now higher risk because of those factors such as insufficient headlights illuminating the obstacles ahead, the driver is blinded in the opposite phase, other means could not find your remote … Because so, please do everything possible to other drivers to see you like bright dresses, honking when out of sight, no cars running closely behind or move with the same speed of the other or your vehicle are being in the blind points of the front ones.

Before changing direction, you should turn on the signal and glance at the mirrors to look 2 sides for the checks, in addition to, not forgetting the blind points of the mirror. Also, you should keep a distance from the other trucks, because they can fall right in front of your vehicle.

Do not try to pass

Do not try to pass the other vehicle when you are not guaranteed the safety factor. According to experts, for safety driving, you should overtaking only see the cars in the opposite direction and in far distance to pass away or overtaking when in the front of a vehicle there is no ban of land locking and road conditions as well as the traffic of the front car is safe.

When the overtaking, you have to identify whether or not the behind car haves the intention of overtaking your vehicle to avoid the danger of parallel overtaking cases. Especially, do not deliberately pass the vehicle in front of you when there is no signal to pass. Before, during and after going, pay attention to keep a safe distance with the vehicle.

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