Have you ever found yourself prayed that the halfway hut would be open, even though you are only on the third hole? How many times in golf career have you managed to the 18th hole with your legs that feel like you have just run a marathon? The main reason is obviously simple: a game of golf could burn as many as 2000 calories in your body. Therefore, if you are not eating or drinking the suitable foods and beverage at the right time, your performance would suffer.

How important is nutrition in a golf game?

When a golf player gets tired, the most serious outcome would be poor decision making, which could make you fail to achieve your goal. In addition, it also have an effect on recovery and how you play or feel in the next days.

Do you need to keep energized for the whole 18 holes?

The answer is absolutely yes. The first thing you should always do is to promote your health. Why carry around 10 kg of surplus fat on the golf course for 5 hours when you actually do not have to?

How can you keep healthy off course?

Most of the time, golf players do not need a diet with high carbohydrates. Instead, you should focus on vegetables as an essential part of your diet rather than starchy carb well as. Quantity also need to be taken into consideration as many people simply eat more than needed.

Some useful tips for an amateur

Be well prepared. Do not rely on buying quality products on the day; a lot of clubs just provide snacks or chocolate bars, which will not help with your performance. Therefore, you should plan beforehand and bring your own foods. You also need to drink a lot during a golf game and I always recommend to add electrolyte to your beverage, particularly on hot condition.

Best foods and drinks for a golf round


A bowl of muesli, omelet, 3 eggs, a banana and a glass of water.

Remember to finish your breakfast at least 2 hours before starting a round so that your body has enough time to digest.


A banana and water: By the time you are thirsty, sip water frequently to avoid being dehydrated, which would make you perform badly.

Hole 4

Cereal bar: A small amount of carbohydrate early in a round would keep your body from eating into the levels of reserve energy, which would make you weak and hungry later in the game.

Hole 8

Chicken roll: It is difficult, but do not eat any bacon sandwiches at the halfway house. Instead, chicken contains a higher amount of quality protein and is naturally less processed than bacon, which makes it easier for you to digest.

Hole 12

Banana and seeds or nuts

Banana helps to release energy in your body quickly, which makes it suitable for the final stretch. If you are feeling slightly hungry, you should have a handful of seeds or nuts.

Throughout a round

If I have to choose one thing to eat or drink throughout a golf game, my choice is definitely water. It is really important to dip water during your round to avoid being dehydrated.


Now is the right time to refuel and allow your body to recover. You would need high quality carbohydrate and protein, plus a lot of nutrients from vegetable, not chips or burger! Steamed veg, sweet potato, salmon, salad, chicken wrap or cottage pie are also the good options.

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