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The Standard Method to Reheat Breast Milk

Aside from sterilizing baby bottles, any breastfeeding mothers also concern on the problems of storing and defrosting breast milk. Do you know how to defrost breast milk both quickly and safely, especially, the nutrients isn’t lost? Well, there is actually a concern of most mothers. I have pumped my milk and store it in the fridge whatever it is rain, sun,…Correspondingly, I accumulated a lot of experiences in reheating milk. In particular, my kid has drunk breast milk for 2 years and weighs ~ 17 kilograms, even, he never drinks antibiotics. For the time being, I’d like to share my experience with all mothers on the breast-milk-reheating principles. Let’s see! Go! Go!

The use time of breast milk

Yes, it can say that the use time of breast milk is pretty long.
+ 4 hours at the room temperature (27 degrees C)
+ 2-4 days at the temperature of the refrigerator compartment
+ 3 months at the temperature of the freezer compartment

*For breast milk in the freezer compartment

  • Before using one day, I often take the frozen milk that places in the refrigerator compartment in order to defrost, but the fridge temperature is still kept. Apart from, the mothers can also defrost by utilizing a pot of water – the ice-cold water.
  • When milk completely melts into the liquid, I gently shake the rich-in-fat milk layer and the clear milk layer so that both are mixed together. Then, I use the warm water to soak. The purpose is to reheat properly as long as the baby can feed.


Tips for moms: I recognize that the frozen milk often has a strange smell like the smell of soap. The cause is due to my milk has the high content of lipase enzyme. When you let the milk defrost, lipase enzyme makes milk smell the soap. Nonetheless, only mothers smell the obnoxious odor while the babies still feed normally. If mothers’ baby refuses to drink the soapy-smelling milk, you don’t worry. In fact, there is a way to minimize an amount of lipase enzyme in breast milk. Basically, you need:

  • Breast milk is freshly pumped out of (it should do as soon as milk is pumped)
  • To prepare a cup or glass
  • One brass of ice
  • A pot to cook milk choose best baby swing


  • Step #1 – It uses a spoon to stir the fat with milk
  • Step #2 – It pours milk into the pot and heat until the ripple seeds appear on the external lining (about 82 degrees C)
  • Step #3 – Once the milk has reached 820C, you pour milk into a glass and put it in a brass of cold water mmediately. The purpose is to prevent the development of bacteria. After the milk has cooled, you add to the storage bag noted the production date.

Although heating breast milk will lose a number of antibodies and nutrients in breast milk. Nevertheless, this one is negligible because it hasn’t reached the boiling temperature.

*For breast milk in the refrigerator compartment

  • Mothers take milk in the fridge and soak in the warm water ~ 40 degrees C until the temperature properly reaches as long as the baby can eat. However, it should not soak milk in the too-warm water because it will lose minerals in breast milk.
  • Breast milk after taking out of the refrigerator can freeze again to use. Accordingly, the mother should only take an enough amount for the baby.
  • It never uses the microwave so as to defrost breast milk because it can be overheat and burn your baby. Aside from that, the microwave also takes a part of the protein in milk.
  • Based the above information, it hopes that mothers will take care of your baby better.

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