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Useful advice for sealing jars

The practice of sealing a closed jar with a solid or liquid food could be a tedious and boring job for most of us and  even if you have done it before then you have to know that how challenging and difficult it could be. Nevertheless, one of the best ways to resolve this problem is the process of sealing and then freezing the jars which is very feasible, and the only thing you need to know is how to do it. Unfortunately, the good news is that this process is also not really difficult for us, so once you have learned those helpful pieces of advice in this best vacuum sealer reviews 2016 on how to seal and then freeze the jar in your mind, it is just like a piece of cake.


Always remember to use a straight type of jar

There are many kinds of jar in the market for the process of sealing our food, and this must be the first factor for you to consider to make everything much easier. Nevertheless, in case you can’t find out those specific kinds of jar to seal food, then the best option for you is to choose a straight shoulder jar. This means that you should not select for those types which are have bends and curves around their necks because this would make it much easier for them to resist extremely low temperatures as well as low pressure from the liquid.

Remember never fill up the jars to capacity

It is often believed that we should never fill up the jar to its capacity if you would like to freeze and seal them but in many cases, people always neglect this tip, and additionally it is what we face trouble in food storage with jar. In addition, you ought to let at least one inch of gap between the and the top part of the jar and the inside content. This vacant part is very important since it provides the empty area for the liquid to spread while you are freezing it, and thus it would not break down the jars. The fluid has to spread and thus if you are going to sealing it without leaving empty gap then you could be sure that your jar would get impaired.

Cool the inside content prior to sealing

You shouldn’t pour boiled or hot liquid into a container, first you have to seal and then put it into the fridge to cool it. Let your food in there for a couple of hour to cool off before you put it into the jar since this step would keep the glass from breaking. Glass jar could break if you alter the temperature of surrounding environment quickly.

For example, when you pour hot water into a glass cup and then put it into the fridge at the same time, you would create a quick temperature shift and so and end up breaking the glass cup.


All of the above pieces of advice as well as tips would help you a lot in the process of sealing and freezing food or liquid in glass or plastic jar in a safe way. However, they would not ensure that you could be able to relish them in later time since it could also spoil the food as it thaws. And for this reason, you would also have to be very careful and cautious whenever the jar or container melts as glass would break when you alter the temperature of its surrounding environment significantly and thus ensure that you don’t heat the container quickly.

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